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Don’t Let the Sun Set on Our Kids!

Kids only get one chance at a quality education, but too often, kids with unique abilities don’t get a chance at all.


~9,000 low-income Illinois kids are counting on the Illinois' legislative body to protect Illinois' Tax Credit Scholarship Program.

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What is the Invest in Kids
Tax Credit Scholarship Program? 

Individuals and corporations are incentivized to donate money for private school scholarships and receive a tax credit of 75 cents for every $1 donated. Those organizations award scholarships to students based on need, not academic performance. The scholarships represent an average 44% of state per-pupil-spending and range from $13k for a traditional learner to upwards of $28k for a student with an IEP. The scholarship covers 100% of private school tuition at the participating school of the families’ choice. Currently, 92% of Illinois private schools (secular and religious) participate.

Who supports it?

Surveys reveal the popularity of school choice in Illinois, finding that more than 60% of voters support it. That includes 66% of Democratic voters, 71% of Black voters, and 81% of Latino voters. Supporters of protecting the Invest in Kids Tax Credit Scholarship Program include Governor JB Pritzker, One Chance Illinois - Action, and other SGOs. 

How many students are currently using the scholarship?

Today, roughly over 9,000 Illinois students rely on the scholarship. Over 35,000 have benefitted from it since 2018. 

What’s a unique learner? 

We believe every student is unique. But for us, “unique abilities” refers to students who push the boundaries of “average”, and who require an IEP. They are kids living with Down syndrome, autism, learning disorders, developmental and cognitive delays, students who are twice exceptional or profoundly gifted, and English language learners - to name a few. 

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👋 Meet Jane! She is 8-years old. 💫 She struggled in school until she received an Invest in Kids Tax Credit Scholarship. Today she’s learning and thriving in a school that works for her.

Why would we take that away?

Why would we take that away?

Why would we take that away?


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